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Scottish Governments grant to acquire new renewable technologies

ISKCON Scotland is a charity dedicated to caring for people and the planet. One of our main aims is to help serve our planet and the environment around it. In 2012 we were fortunate enough to receive a grant and a loan from the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES). This allowed us to install two windmills, biomass boiler and an air source heat pump. This technology has enabled us to reduce not only our carbon footprint but also our energy bills. These savings have allowed us to put more resources into our other charitable projects. 

In December we were extremely fortunate to be awarded £50,750 as a further continuation of our project. With these funds our plan is to install more air source heat pumps and solar panels on our existing community buildings in order to help reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally the contractor will upgrade radiators in the temple and community kitchen in order to maximise the output from the air source heat pumps. All of this work will help us to contribute to Scotland’s goal of being net zero society by 2045. 

The Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) i. Is an initiative set up by the Scottish Government that allows charities and other organisations access to funds, advice and professional support in helping them to install low carbon or renewable technologies such as heat pumps and solar panels. With the intention of helping support organisations in creating their own clean energy sources. 

One of our guiding principles is to live sustainably with the earth we inhabit. We are extremely grateful that the Scottish Government shares this view. Over the next two years we are hoping to install ASHP & Solar panels in the volunteer accommodation buildings. Our hope is that in the future we can be fully self-sufficient and live in partnership with the earth. 

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