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Feedback from ‘Food For Scotland’ Service Users

We are sharing some feedback from our free hot food delivery service users that we received over last few months. Our team is vey grateful for the opportunity to assist in these difficult times. The service is available in Carluke, Lanark, Lesmahagow, Larkhall, Blackwood, Kirkmuirhill, Rigside, Douglas & Coalburn areas. Book your free meal by clicking here.

“I received your brochure a week ago and your cause seemed it could help my family and I greatly. Your service has most certainly relieved pressure in our situation and we can’t thank you enough for thinking of others especially during this time. We encourage you to keep up the fantastic effort and service you’re providing, as I am sure many other families are appreciative of your work.” Judith

“Thank you so much, dad (Frank) is travelling by ambulance every day to the hospital in Glasgow for radiotherapy as he has cancer, he’s done 4 weeks so far 2 more to go he loves his soup, I’m in England it helps so much to know he’s getting nutritious food twice a week (he’s 83) I have donated and will again” Frank

“It was lovely I really appreciate all your support” Alan

“Thanks very much for the free food it tasted beautiful and me and my daughter really enjoyed it xx” Monika

“Food was excellent! Thank you” Nicola

“Thank you so much for the delicious meal today. A rare treat for me and it was lovely.” Christina

“Lovely pasta delivered to my mum n dad yesterday. Hot on arrival, much appreciated. Thanks to all who provide this service. Well done👍🤗” Grace

“I would love the chance to try vegan. How do you go about getting to know about this because I have been thinking about it for a long time now please help.” Sarah

“I have been looking forward to this all week and the fact I don’t need to think and cook while my 4yr old monkey gets up to mischief!!” Christina

“It was lush thank u so much x” Elizabeth

“The food was lovely, thank you for the very kind service.” Rebeka

“Thank you for helping and supporting all these people it’s a fantastic job you do” Eric

“Amazing what u guys are doing. We have found ourselves isolating and unable to get out so this will be a massive help” Richard

“The meal was for my mother who is shielding 83 she really enjoyed it thanks a lot” Irene

“Brilliant xxx its lovely and so much appreciated” Laura

“It was delicious thank you so much” Suzanne

“Thank you so much for the delicious spaghetti today… a real treat x” Laura

“I find this service very helpful and the food was lovely as I used this service last Monday” Michelle

“I am so happy and honoured for your beautiful food lots of love to you all …” Laura and my son Nicholas xxx

“Brilliant work yous are doing my neighbours loved getting the meals!” Jackie

“Nice hot food. Thank you” Janet

“Food was lovely really enjoyed it” Vicky

“So very grateful 🙏 💖” Laura

“Amazing what you guys do and helps so much at this time” Tammy

“Thank you so so much. Much love and peace to you x” Laura

“This service is brilliant for my elderly mother who can’t get out much 👍👍” Robert

“Thank you for the food it is excellent” Maureen

“Thank you so much. The food has been so welcome and very nice. The drivers very friendly.” Patsy

“Thank you I am using your service for my parents who are vulnerable” Peter

“Thank you very much for these. They have helped my elderly mum so much.” Mary

“I haven’t use this service before but need to say thank you from the bottom of my heart you have no idea how much this will help my husband and myself.” Jackie

“Had this service before and it was 1st class. We are all now self isolating due to catching COVID-19” Cheryl

“Meals are delicious thanks for the meal on Saturday despite the rain great service” Murray

“I would like to thank each and everyone for your service it has been very much appreciated at our time in need. Thank you and keep up the superb work” Catrina

“Excellent service greatly appreciated” Ian

“Thank you so much whoever donated this. It was great and fully appreciated and just a lovely gesture you are doing for everyone, esp all the venerable and front line workers which all my family are thank you again” Douglas

“Your service is so very much appreciated and valued by my elderly aunt and uncle. Thank you all for your kindness” Debbie

“Great thanks, they are both thoroughly enjoying the food and the fact that is packed with vegetables is even better for their health.” Elizabeth, Social Worker

“Thank yous very much the meals are absolutely brilliant ❤” Stephanie

“My mother is 88 and vulnerable, she is unable to make meals, and this service would be much appreciated” Margaret

“Thanks so much for all you are doing to help put smiles on your faces.” Judith

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