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International Yoga Day & Summer Solstice Celebration

Last Sunday, the 20th of June, we celebrated International Yoga Day & Summer Solstice by hosting a full-day event in which our guests had the opportunity to have a taste of the activities that we offer at our Eco Farm, in Lesmahagow. The event was free to attend and was planned as part of our Community Recovery Project that we have been running since February and will continue over the summer.

Due to Level 2 COVID-19 restrictions taking place currently in Scotland, we had to limit the number of attendees to the event. It did not prevent them to have a great time and a relaxing experience though. Our programme started at 11am with an energetic yoga practice guided by our certified yoga teacher, Richard Ferdoko.

The guests were then guided on an eco-tour led by our Team Leader Gardener, Steve. The tour started in our tiered gardens. From there, the guests were taken to the alpaca fields. After that, Steve guided them through our walled gardens, flower garden, orchard and greenhouses. They were fascinated by the diversity of flowers, organic vegetables and fruits that we produce at our Eco Farm.

After the ecotour, they were offered a well-deserved plant-based lunch followed by Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and a 1-hour kirtan with Mantra Music for Wellbeing led by Kirtan Scotland.

We are very happy to have given another exciting step towards welcoming more visitors to our Eco Farm after many months of lockdown. Have a look at the activities we offer as part of our Community Recovery Project, such as yoga, meditation, therapeutic gardening, and other wellbeing events taking place at our Eco Farm here.

Check out some photos from the International Yoga Day & Summer Solstice celebration.


All Krishna Eco Farm Community Members (volunteers & band members) are living together like a family in lockdown. Therefore, we are able to offer these events without social distance among our members nor compromising the health & safety of those involved.

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