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New additions to the farm: mushroom compost and vermin-proof compost bins

Following our post about Javat’s super-duper compost last week, we also have brand-new mushroom compost and vermin-proof compost bins at the farm. Another major job we’ve been working on, is to move the new mushroom compost to designated spaces and onto veg patches, as well as into the apple orchard.

We’ve also been prepping flower beds for the compost and our polytunnel for this year’s vegetables. In the polytunnel, we stripped everything from dead flowers, weeds and created 2 new beds, one on each side. We’ve made 15 trenches in the middle for courgettes using cow dung and mushroom compost. We’ve prepared a patch for potatoes by clearing it from weeds, rotavating the soil and mushroom composting it along with a mix of dried leaves compost and cow dung. We’ve potted up courgettes into 2-litre pots full of Javat’s special compost, used it to plant out dwarf french beans in the raised beds in the greenhouse.

We would also like to thank Richard Higgins for designing the vermin-proof compost bins that we use and for teaching Javat the method behind making them. Richard learned this method from Sir Albert Howard in India. He’s even named the bins the Howard Higgins compost system, as an ode to Sir Albert Howard. Sir Albert Howard pioneered the Indore composting method which uses agricultural waste products readily available on the farm to make high-quality, high-yielding and low-cost compost. It also eliminates insect and disease problems and does not require fertilizer or commercial seed.

We would like to thank our volunteers for their hard work on our Eco Farm.

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