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Our AMAZING team of Volunteers

The Covid-19 crisis has seen our team of over thirty dedicated volunteers lockdown together to continue our work and at the same time shield our vulnerable members. Volunteers who would otherwise normally be engaged in a range of services; catering for events, fundraising, guest hospitality, organizing events etc, have all been getting their hands dirty, working together planting potatoes, cabbages and kale! All the hard work has borne fruit and this year we have had a bumper harvest – we’ve had so much that we’ve been giving it away to neighbours!

During this time, although we are closed to visits, we have warmly (and safely!) welcomed some volunteers to fill essential key-roles at the farm. Over the past nine months, we said goodbye to Harry from Chile (photo) and hello to Felix from Manchester, Peter from Germany, Bhubaneswar and Amogha-Lila from Hungary, Mihai from Dorset, Mariana from Brazil and Abi from Watford.

We would like to sincerely thank all our volunteers for their dedication and enthusiasm working at the Krishna Eco Farm project and we would also like to especially thank Jamieson Brothers of Annan for their kind donation of top-quality seed potatoes.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, click here to know more about our Volunteer Project and to check available opportunities.

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