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Community Recovery Project Report 2021

Community Recovery project.

Our community recovery project was created in response to the current pandemic. We received support from a variety of different funders such as The Scottish Government, Magic Little Grants, Virgin Media 02 Together Fund and Tesco’s Community Grant. This money was used to help our community recover from the aftermath of the pandemic as well as helping to increase their wellbeing and resilience. We completed our Yoga Barn renovation project in June 2021 allowing us to host classes for our community. 

The project has had an incredibly busy year during 2021. We have had over 744 people visit us in person and 1821 people have tuned in online to our events. 

Here is a list of the events we held in 2021 with more similar events coming in 2022. 

– Mantra Music for Wellbeing online and in-person

– Community Restoration Station (Meditation) online

– Therapeutic Gardening in-person

– Yoga Online & in-person

– International Yoga Day & Summer Solstice celebration in-person

– Volunteer Thank You Days in-person

– Wellbeing Festival of Autumn Colours in-person

During 2021 we carried out a survey with our community to see what kind of activities are needed post covid. The wellbeing activities that we provided were all based on the feedback from this survey. We found that 53% of the participants responded that they see yoga as the activity most needed, followed by meditation (52%) and therapeutic gardening (38% of respondents). 

In order to keep up to date with our events happening in 2022 please follow our social media channels here, Krishna Eco Farm – Home | Facebook, Bhakti Yoga Academy – Scotland – Home | Facebook, OM Sweet OM – Home | Facebook

As always, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our volunteers and sponsors. Without you we wouldn’t be able to bring these wonderful events to the community. 

Please donate here – https://iskconscotland.org/donate//

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