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Pretty blooms in our Orchard

Summer is in full swing at the farm and our orchard is blooming! We have 46 trees in total – apples, plums and a field of strawberries! We’ve been busy pruning and feeding them our mushroom compost which will guarantee us a good harvest this autumn.

Looking at the pink clouds of flowers always brings me so much joy and my problems seem to go away for a few moments, somehow I feel refreshed and revitalised after looking at these flowers. There’s just something so magical and inspiring about these clusters, the pink carpet that falls underneath and the gentle fall of petals, just like snow in the spring and summer. This year the blossoms came quite late here at the farm, meaning that we can enjoy this beauty for a little longer. For me, the blooms symbolise new life, a new cycle of growth both in nature and in my own life, the return of warmth, sunshine and joy after a long winter. They symbolise new beginnings and give me the notion that everything is possible, new momentum and strength that I needed for so long!

In this regard, I would like to share some poems and reflections by devotees who were also inspired by these blossoms. Jahnavi Harrison’s Pause for Thought: Pause For Thought – Pause For Thought: ‘There’s divinity in everything: the beautiful, and the bewildering’. – BBC Sounds and Keli Kanana’s song which was inspired by Jahnavi’s words:

Here’s Keli’s poem if you can’t access it through the link

Ode to a blossom

(Inspired by the words of Jahnavi Harrison)

As I stroll on a suburban street

A flurry of petals fall at my feet

Visions of pink and white, with beauty bewilder my sight

As I look at the road, an unlikely abode for an ode to a blossom

As I duck under the hanging clusters

A canopy of gentle lusters

Swelling buds bear a simple gift, as I feel my soul start to lift

Time seems to have slowed and upon me bestowed this ode to a blossom.

This flower bearing spring

It’s beauty bewildering

For me a new episode on this unlikely abode for an ode to a blossom

Have a listen to these amazing pieces and have a look through the photos from our orchard below. I hope they can bring you as much joy as they are bringing us.

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